Pride & Ego Brand

Men's clothing, underwear, and accessories!

Men's clothing, underwear, and accessories!

Pride & Ego Brand


PRIDE & EGO Brand has a huge collection of trendy tank tops and T-shirts. Visit our store and get the best style and fit for you.


PRIDE & EGO Brand has a unique and comfy collection of casual shorts, joggers and more. Find your fit and style!


See our many styles of caps, snapbacks, beanies, and more!


Check out our popular men’s hoodies!

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Who We Are

Pride & Ego Brand is primarily a men’s brand that seeks to emphasize the duality of every man. We cater to the PRIDE with empowerment and to the EGO with boldness.

What We Have

Pride & Ego Brand is an inspirational fashion,  underwear, clothing, and accessories line that caters to the whole man. Whatever the style, we provide the look for sexiness and confidence. 

Where We Stand

Pride & Ego Brand is an American-based company that utilizes great artists, manufacturers, suppliers, and models around the world to make and promote our trendy, quality products!